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How to Download TED Talks (Online & Playlist)

Last updated: 2017-11-30 | Eva C Levy
Download TED Talks

Ideas worth spreading.

I bet many of you are familiar with it.

It’s the slogan of TED – a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas around the world.

There’re loads of great talks on TED which cover almost all topics, and some of them are worth watching over and over again.

So how to download TED talks to watch offline?

Maybe you have already stuck in this tough problem.

Don’t worry.

Things gonna be easy if you follow the tutorial step by step.

Before getting started…

You should know that you can download TED talks with subtitles directly from the official site www.ted.com.

However, you can only download the talks to MP3 or MP4 format, one by one.

Beyond that, more people tend to watch videos on YouTube.

So I searched for TED videos on YouTube, then I found out lots of different TED channels on YouTube, such as TEDx Talks, TED-Ed, TEDxYouth etc. Therefore, you can only subscribe to the channels that interest you the most.

What I’m gonna talk about is how to download TED Talks videos from YouTube, as well as download the entire playlist in batch.

Sounds interesting?

Just keep reading!

Part 1. Download TED Video Talks Online

First, you need to find the TED channel on YouTube and it’s easy. You only need to type “ted” on the search bar then you can get many channels on the result page.

Search TED channels

I just choose the first channel with the most subscribers, and enter to the following page.

TED channel

Now pick any video you want to download, and follow the steps as follows.

Step 1. Copy TED Talk Video Link

Copy link of the TED talk video

As I show you in the screenshot, copy the URL of this TED video talk.

Ok, that’s a simple move.

Step 2. Paste the Link into the Free MP3 Finder

Now, you have copied the video link, then open a new website – Free MP3 Finder

Then paste the copied YouTube link and click the search button.

Paste TED video link


We got the TED video just what we found on YouTube.

OK, it’s not the end!

Step 3. Play The Video and Download It

This time, when you find the video then you can download it. But before that, you can do one more thing to make sure it’s the exact TED video you want.

How? Play it!

Play TED video

Yes, that’s what you want.

What to do then?

Choose formats and quality!

Click on the download button, and you can select the file types according to your devices and needs.

You can download the TED video or download audio as MP3.

Choose formats and quality

When you do the clicking, then the downloading task is begin!

Pretty cool!

You need to try once by yourself, you’ll find how simple it is!


The other way to find the video on Free MP3 Finder, if you can remember the title of the TED talks, then you search by the keyword on Free MP3 Finder, you can get the result as well.

Part 2 How to Download TED Video Playlist in Bulk

Sometimes, you need to download the TED video playlist, because that will save much time for you; but you don’t have much time to sit at front of computer and wait. So you need a solution to help you out!

And AnyMusic is your answer.

First, install this powerful tool on your PC.

Then, you will get the first look of AnyMusic as follows.


Next, let’s back to TED channel on YouTube. And find the TED video playlist on channel.

TED playlist

Then you are on the page of TED playlist, next you can choose a playlist you are interested in. Click it and copy the URL as we mentioned above.

Copy TED playlist link

Go on…

Paste this playlist URL on AnyMusic, let’s see…

Paste video URL on AnyMusic

Hit the search icon! You will get the amazing result.

TED playlist on AnyMusic

Now you can see the whole TED video playlist you choose is right here. The best thing is you can download them all at one-click.

Do you see the functional button “Batch Download Videos” and “Batch Download Audios”?

Just select all items in the playlist and hit either of the buttons. Then you are able to download the whole TED playlist to audio or video.

Download TED Talks playlist

Then click the download button…

Download ted talks playlist

Next, you only need to let the AnyMusic does the rest, and wait the task accomplished.

If you only want to batch download some of the TED talks, you can choose the format and quality for each one as needed.

Any more features of AnyMusic?

You bet!

But you need to find the answer by yourself!

Time is running out! Enjoy it!

Try it out!

Now, we have finished the complete guide on TED Talks download.

Did you get all skills?

If you still have problems while downloading TED videos, please fire them at me below.

Believe me that I’ll do my best to answer to your questions.

If you have other suggestions and tips on this post, please let me know in the comments.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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